torsdag 2 april 2015

Steven Crowder förklarar den nya lagen i Indiana - och vänstermedias förvrängning av den.

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  1. Muslimerna är iofs väldigt mycket bögar, aldrig träffat så många bögar i garderoben som när det kommer till muhammadanerna, bögeri är ju faktist tillåtet muhammad hade många bögsoldater då han t.o.m. har belöningar för bögsoldaterna i "himlen", läser man texterna så verkar faktiskt alla muslimer bli bögar i muslimska paradiset:


    Perhaps no worldly brothel has quite a good stock of young boys, to be offered to the customers to do sodomy. But in the Islamic Paradise, by the grace of most merciful Allah, each and every believer will be supplied with plenty of most charming, beautiful and obedient Heavenly young boys, called gelemans, to do sodomy with them, and hence the Koran says,

    “They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who to the beholder's eyes will seem like sprinkled pearls. When you gaze upon that scene you will behold a kingdom blissful and glorious. They shall be arrayed in garments of fine green silk and rich brocade, and adorned with bracelets of silver. Their Lord will give them pure beverages to drink. Thus you shall be rewarded; your high endeavours are gratifying to Allah” (76:19-22).

    “They shall be brought near to their Lord in the gardens of delight. They shall recline on jewelled couches face to face, and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine, that will neither pain their heads nor take away their reason; with fruits of their own choice and flesh of fowls that they relish” (56: 11-21).

    How many of these heavenly boys or gelemans a believer will own in Allah’s Paradise? A tradition says that every believer in Paradise, irrespective of his hierarchy, will own 1000 gelemans. According to another hadith narrated by Anas, everyone will get 10,000 slaves. According to a hadith narrated by Abu Sa’id, the number of slave boys, a believer will own, will be not less than 1000 and not more than 80,000 (Ram Swarup, ibid, p-205).

    From the above discussions it becomes evident that Most Merciful Allah offers, in the name of Paradise, a super luxury and five star brothel to His beloved believers. There are three main aspects of a mundane brothel and they are,

    (1) good food,

    (2) good wine and

    (3) charming women and Allah’s brothel called Paradise provides all the three in profuse quantities and that too absolutely free of cost.

    In addition to that, the articles in Allah’s brothel would bear some divine qualities which can never be obtained in a worldly brothel. To mention a few are,

    (a) wine in Allah’s brothel does not cause the head to ache,

    (b) that wine would be securely sealed, whose very dregs are musk,

    (c) the visitors of Allah’s brothel would neither pass water, nor void excrement, nor will they suffer from catarrh, nor will they spit,

    (d) they would eat divine fruits and desired preparations of meat,

    (e) the dark-eyed women of Allah’s brothel would always remain virgins and chaste,

    (f) they would not get older than sweet sixteen,

    (g) they would wear see-through garments,

    (h) the visitors of the Allah’s brothel would be able to see the marrow of their bones, and above all

    (i) every orgasm in Allah’s brothel with these heavenly damsels would last for 600 years.

    In addition to all the above mentioned facilities, Allah’s brothel would offer another unique amenity. The visitors would be provided with pretty young boys, who would never be older than 16, for doing sodomy. Most importantly, Allah will provide all these facilities absolutely free of cost. One should also notice the tremendous insult that has been committed to woman virtue in Allah’s Paradise.

    men det är fascinerande hur extremvänstern och bögarna inte gör samma sak åt bögarna för jag tror inte de känner till att islam har grova bögtendenser.

    I vilket fall som helst så är det sossetrams att göra det olagligt att vägra göra affärer med vem man vill eller inte vill.

  2. Vill man för övrigt ha en stor tårta från muslimer, känns som om det kan finnas en bomb i tårtan om de är sura på dig :D

    Daesh-cake goes *KABOOM*